Leg Band Identification on Hard-To-ID Chick Breeds




  • Grace Parker

    I picked my chicks up today looking forward to having help identifying them with the leg bands, but no leg bands were on any of my girls. I ordered the rare breed assortment so you would think that would be part of the deal especially for this type of order. Also the chick ID page doesn't have the same birds listed that would come with leg bands. In the leg band page there are different breeds not listed on the ID picture page. I'm new to this and was looking forward to having that assistance and now i'm between 2 breeds on basically every bird. 

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  • Marie

    HI Grace. Any of the chicks included in any Assortment may or may not have legbands on them. Even if the breed(s) included would normally be legbanded if ordered individually, it may not be banded in an assortment.

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