Crooked Toes on Chickens: Causes and Treatment




  • Deborah Nelson

    Is it painful for them to have crooked toes? They seem so fragile that I’m more concerned about injuries during taping. Is it necessary to tape?

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  • Meghan

    Deborah, I do not believe it's painful for them, and chicks that grow up with crooked toes go on to live long and productive lives, the same as one without crooked toes. Thank you!

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  • Karen Patterson

    I would like to know if a month old chick with a crooked toe would benefit from trying to straighten it use a cardboard sandal and tape. Just noticed it and he is fine otherwise.

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  • M.F.W. Kellermann

    I bought 4 chickens a few days ago. The day after I released them I noticed one had a bent toe (to me it looks broken).

    She is displaying no obvious pain symptoms but I know they are experts at masking. She flaps about scratches and climbs onto her coop with her flock mates.

    It is now four days from purchase and I have the equipment to splint (amazon delays) but I am unsure if I should proceed as any healing will have already started and I do not want to break her toe in order to straighten it!

    For the record, I have never splinted a chicken before but I have fixed a heavily deformed bow-legged kitten through gradual alignment, therapy and splinting!

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